Gentle on bees. Honey on tap. The preferred choice for beekeepers who care.

You bet! While your colony still needs love and care, Tapcomb's® unique design makes honey collection a snap. Our patented frames are made from high-quality food grade plastic that is both BPS and BPA-free. Unlike other frames, ours are built to a point where they’re only 30% complete.

Make no mistake, this isn’t laziness. It’s a strategic move.

As soon as a colony enters a Tapcomb® hive, the worker bees take over, finishing what we’ve started. Once the comb is complete, bees fill the cells with honey and cap them. This means 70% of the comb is made from the bees' own wax, and natural wax means healthier honey.

When it’s time to harvest the honey, Tapcomb's® innovative high-torque key splits the cells internally. Thanks to this internal splitting, the cells’ caps stay sealed. You won’t lose any liquid gold to leakage, and your bees won’t get messy. Best of all, bees can't get trapped or crushed.

New beekeepers can hit the ground running with a complete Tapcomb® system, but veterans don’t have to toss out their hives and start from scratch. Getting tappable honey from a traditional Langstroth hive is a cinch. Just replace the frames in your current super with frames made by Tapcomb®.

Colony Collapse Disorder—a mysterious condition where bees abandon their hives and never return—hit the news in 2006. In the years since, CCD has destroyed hundreds of thousands of colonies, but beekeepers around the world stepped up to the plate. While CCD has the potential to devastate the planet’s food chain, it recently started to decline. By bringing more beekeepers to the table, Tapcomb® hopes to kick this killer to the curb for good.

5% of our profits will be donated to bee conservations and trusts around the globe