Tapcomb® Seven-Frame Honey Super

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    Our 7 frame super is compatible with a 10 frame Langstroth hive.

    Tapcomb's® 7 frame supers are designed to fit on a traditional Langstroth, so veteran beekeepers can start tapping without investing in a new beehive. Seemingly automatic honey flow with a twist of the key. No modifications are needed to accommodate our innovative frames, and the super's observation window lets you keep an eye on the work your busy girls are doing. Watch in amazement honey flow straight from our groundbreaking Tapcomb® frames, right into your jar.

    To help prevent damage, your new super will be shipped flat-packed, so it does need to be assembled. Made of a high-quality, completely sustainable wood composite, your bees will have an incredibly durable yet low-maintenance home for years to come.

    Find out what makes a Tapcomb® system so special compared with other flow hive systems here

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  • Limited stock available. ORDER now and save up to 40% whilst stocks last.

    View our shipping prices here

    1. 7 Tapcomb® patented frames
    2. 7 Tapcomb® honey harvest tubes
    3. One high-torque Tapcomb® key
    4. One sustainable, non-toxic wood composite Tapcomb® super
    5. Our easy-to-follow manual
  • Limited stock available. ORDER now and save up to 40% whilst stocks last.

    View our shipping prices here

    1. Super Dimensions – 19.6 x 15.7 x 10.6in
    2. Frame Dimensions – 19 x 9.9 x 2in
    3. Weight - 39.5lbs
    4. Non-toxic, sustainable wood composite
    5. Super unassembled (flat pack)
    6. Fully assembled frames made of high-quality food grade plastic that's both BPS and BPA-free

No more hassle, no more mess.

If wearing head-to-toe gear is part of your A-game, go ahead and suit up, but you might be surprised at the effect tapping has on your beehive. Bees are much less likely to swarm. Hive checks and brood maintenance still need to be done, but overall, Tapcomb® makes keeping bees easier to jump into and more enjoyable to do.

How it works

Tapcomb's® unique system allows for honey extraction on tap while keeping the beeswax caps intact. This results in minimal disturbance to the bees.

All Tapcomb® hives come with a Queen excluder, this will stop your Queen from entering your hive super and laying any larvae in your Tapcomb® frames, we wouldn't want any bee juice to get in your delicious honey.

During harvest, the comb's cells split internally. This means each cell’s wax cap isn’t broken. Since the cells remain sealed, you won't lose any honey from leakage and bees aren't crushed or disturbed. Simply attach a honey flow harvest tube, insert our high-torque key and twist. Then step back for the most thrilling moment of the show.

Local honey. Flowing down the frame. Out of the beehive. And into your jar. 

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A beeswax first approach

70% beeswax to create a Tapcomb hive

At Tapcomb® we knew that beeswax was incredibly important to the health of the beehive, that's why we designed our frames to incorporate as much beeswax as possible. Tapcomb® really raises the bar. Our frames are only 30% complete; bees build the other 70% with their own wax. 

Beeswax is essential in the curing of honey, nectar in its purest form is 80% water, bees will use their wings to fan air over the cells until much of the water evaporates. Beeswax has also been found to aid communication within the hive.

Making wax combs is part of the lifecycle of a worker bee and something they are quite literally born to do.

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A build material that's better than wood and more durable than plastic

We decided every Tapcomb® beehive needed to be made from something that was not only sustainable, but had practical benefits, as well. The wood composite material is derived from leftover wood chips and flour from mills, this is then combined with recycled plastic to make a high-quality product.

Our special wood composite material comprises of 70% wood and 30% plastic, which makes for a strong, durable, recyclable material. Best of all, no new tree will ever be chopped down to manufacture a Tapcomb® beehive.

Thanks to Tapcomb's® new wood composite, there's no need to treat your beehives beforehand, you'll get significantly less warping than you'd get with traditional wood, meaning less maintenance on a beehive built to hold its shape for years to come. Wood composite is also less susceptible to fungal attack, decay and rot. Ideal for locations with a lot of wet weather. Find out more about the benefits of our wood composite hives by clicking the link below.

Build Material Comparison

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